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Our Guarantee

We're in the business of selling goods to people and when a customer buys a product I want them to be absolutely happy with their purchase. I want to make certain their are no regrets.Our Guarantee

If you buy a product from us and you feel it's not what you expected I don't want you to keep it. I want you to return it and I'll give you the money back you for paid it.

I've been selling products online for approx. 7 years now and I definitely would not be in business for that long if I sold products people did not want and could not return and certainly would not buy goods from a vendor that did not have a return policy.I stand behind all of my products 100%.

The formula is short, sweet, and simple, you buy, you like, you keep! You buy, you don't like, you return, you get your money back!

In order to protect my customers from rising prices due to returns abuses, this guarantee is limited to the initial purchase of a particular product; ie. you can make 2 returns but not of the same product. One whole order of a single product would be considered as 1 return.

We stand behind our products 100%!

  1. If you buy something and want to return it you have 2 weeks in which to return it, no questions asked.
  2. 24 Hours
  3. You have a question about something? I will make ourselves available 24 hours a day to ensure any questions you have are answered; email or phone.
  4. Secure transactions: all transactions made online are secure and encrypted with state-of-the-art SSL technology which make your transaction virtually impossible to seen by anyone.
  5. All information, name, address, email, etc. given is kept strictly confidential. It will only be used for the purpose in which it was intended for and will never be sold to a third party.
  6. What you order is what you get. If you order an item and it's not in stock, you have the option of getting a refund or getting something else in it's place. Nothing is substitute unless you agree to it.
  7. I promise when you place an order to deliver that order within 10 business days. Usually received in 5 days. Holidays may hold up orders.
  8. No Deception ever! You get what you order, you get it fast and it works. If you're not happy for what ever reason you get your money back!

These are the promises to you each and every time you place an order with us!

We want you to feel safe and secure with us. Take solace in the fact your order is being processed in a safe, timely and secure fashion.